6 Things to Know About Arranging White Glove Delivery to NYC

At Deliveright, we manage a network that has performed tens of thousands of White Glove deliveries nationwide, and we have learned some very important lessons along the way.  One lesson: not all White Glove deliveries are created equal. In particular, delivering to New York City presents a unique set of challenges. Like the song says (almost); “If you can deliver there, you can deliver anywhere!”

We have developed our processes and technology to help address NYC-specific hurdles, including:

  • COIs: Many NYC apartment buildings require a Certificate of Insurance from any company delivering (or moving) large goods. Our software helps to automate the process of working with customers well ahead of time to prepare necessary documents.
  • Building Restrictions: Along with requiring COIs, many apartment buildings only allow delivery of large goods during certain time windows. Any delivery operation running in NYC must be flexible enough to adjust to time limitations imposed by buildings.
  • Elevators and Space: Most New Yorkers have a story that goes something like this: you’ve ordered a large piece of furniture, have watched the delivery team lug the item up six flights of stairs because it wouldn’t fit in your building’s elevator, and after all that, the piece is rejected because it couldn’t fit through the door to your apartment. Delivery teams operating in NYC should be gifted in spatial relations, and well-trained in performing difficult deliveries with high potential for damage.
  • Traffic: The bane of every New York drivers’ existence… traffic can throw a wrench into even the best-designed NYC routes. It is essential to account for traffic when building NYC routes by adding in extra time to each stop, along with using navigation software to help drive teams avoid traffic.
  • Tolls: Trucks that travel over bridges, through tunnels, and between boroughs pay expensive tolls. These costs need to be built into the delivery company’s pricing models.
  • Parking / third person: Deliveries to NYC require a third person on the team to stay with the truck, while the other two team members perform the delivery. This is necessary because convenient parking spaces for trucks are few and far between in the city.  As with tolls, this adds to the cost of NYC deliveries.

Our software is designed to solve these problems. If you would like us to leverage our New York expertise to perform a delivery to the five boroughs for you, or anywhere else we cover, just book an order or contact our sales team to find out more. If you want to find out more about our software, contact our technology sales team for a demonstration.


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