My Account, New Lower Cost Shipping Calculator and More!

As we continue to enhance our platform and make it easier and more accessible to customers, we are happy to announce two exciting new features this week.

All your orders – In one place!

As your volume grows, get better control of your orders and deliveries. Just click on ‘My Account’ to view all of your recent orders, track them and see when they were delivered.

Simply go to, enter your User Name & Password and all of your orders will appear.

Please note: If you don’t know your User Name or Password, reply to this email and we will provide you with your login credentials.

FOB Delivery Calculator

In addition to our manufacturer-to-consumer delivery calculator, our Instant Quote calculator now supports “FOB Deliveright”.  Have your line haul partner drop off merchandise with us in Bayonne, NJ (many already do) and don’t worry about receiving or handling at your warehouse – just enjoy the discounted delivery rates!


  • Go to
  • Enter the delivery information and check the toggle next to ‘FOB Deliveright’
  • Click the ‘Calculate shipping’ to receive your instant quote.

What’s next?

We soon will release our B2B Instant Quote as well as complex order pricing where you can customize and receive Instant Quotes for special orders.

As always, feel free to reply to this email with any questions or feedback and thank you for working with Deliveright.

Team Deliveright


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