Grasshopper Updates

Resource Links

To improve items information available to our delivery and warehouse teams, we have added a quick way for our shippers to add resource links to an individual item(s) which can be accessed easily through your order page. You can also provide us with your product images as part of your API integration or product import. … Continue reading “Resource Links”

Deliveright Releases DirectChoice

Deliveright Logistics, developer of the leading final-mile delivery network for heavy goods in the US, unveiled its newest scheduling feature, DirectChoice, which empowers shippers to schedule deliveries to customers’ homes. The new technology uses information about the delivery, such as size, location, service level, and more, to match the delivery to open appointments in the delivery … Continue reading “Deliveright Releases DirectChoice”

Customer Survey Improvements

At Deliveright, we strive to ensure the highest quality customer experience by making White Glove furniture delivery as efficient as possible.  We also know that the only way to truly gauge how well we are doing is by listening to what our customers are saying about us.  To further this goal, we have designed an update to our post-delivery … Continue reading “Customer Survey Improvements”

Grasshopper Product Insights: Applying Machine Learning to the Delivery Process

Since launching Grasshopper in 2014, we have gathered large amounts of data on the products handled over the hundreds of thousands of deliveries that have been processed through our platform. We have seen what works and what doesn’t – which products cause more issues for delivery teams, which products take up more space on delivery … Continue reading “Grasshopper Product Insights: Applying Machine Learning to the Delivery Process”

Upgraded Region Management

One of the most powerful features that Grasshopper provides to our partners ability to optimize their routes using our proprietary automated scheduling that enable customers to quickly and easily schedule their delivery online or on their phone, without the need to call or email anyone. As part of this effort, we consistently making improvements to … Continue reading “Upgraded Region Management”

Introducing Self Scheduling

Our foremost motivation in designing Grasshopper is to give consumers’ control over their deliveries. With that goal in mind, we are excited to announce that Grasshopper now allows consumers to schedule their own deliveries. This feature enables the customers receiving deliveries to schedule their delivery without having to call or email anyone. Best of all, … Continue reading “Introducing Self Scheduling”

How to use Grasshopper to track your fleet on-time delivery performance

As Grasshopper is quickly becoming an essential part of a delivery terminal daily operation, we were constantly asked how can we provide a cleaner and simple visibility of the delivery teams on-time performance. Given that using the Grasshopper Mobile app enable the delivery team do complete and handle every stop they do throughout the day, … Continue reading “How to use Grasshopper to track your fleet on-time delivery performance”