Let Deliveright handle your warehousing needs.

House your inventory in a convenient location, ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice.

We’ve seen it before – you need space in a warehouse to store your inventory and ready-to-be-sold merchandise, but the expense and logistics of leasing your own space, hiring people and have the right system to manage it is too much to overcome. You also had to figure out a separate solution for your shipment, and on top of all, coordinate between the two — What a headache!

There is a solution – Deliveright’s Warehousing & X-Dock Fulfillment Services (a.k.a WAX)

Using Deliveright’s WAX, we eliminate your headache and let you to focus on building your business while we handle your logistics backend. We will unload, receive and inventory your product, and once it’s ready to ship, we will ship directly through our last-mile delivery solution or your carrier of your choice.

  • Customization –  Custom warehousing solutions tailored to your needs, whether you are a massive e-commerce operation shipping hundreds of orders or a growing vendor that just needs to store a few pieces.
  • Receiving – Ability to receive trailers, containers and LTL straight to our dock
  • Fulfillment – Ability to fulfill orders with stock merchandise – we will combine and split as you like
  • Rapid Deployment & Delivery – Storage offered in our North Carolina, which allows easy and quick access to all of our other last-mile terminals, ensuring speedy delivery to your customer no matter where they are located
  • Cutting-edge Technology – A clear, real-time visibility for your inventory across the country, directly through your Grasshopper account.

Contact us today to learn more about how Deliveright can help your business to grow easily without all the extra hassle of managing your logistics.

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