White Glove Partner Series: K&K Transfer Chooses Grasshopper

In part 2 of our series on delivery partners who have adopted our technology and processes, we will focus on K&K Transfer, a South Florida-based last mile White Glove delivery company.

K&K, headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, provides excellent logistics services to a wide range of customers. Celebrating 31 years in business, K&K offers local and long distance delivery and warehousing and storage for furniture companies and designers.

As is the case with all partners in the Deliveright network, K&K provides white glove service, treats all items with exquisite care, and inspects (and repairs) all pieces passing through its facility.  And of course, every step of the process is managed and reported by Deliveright’s Grasshopper technology.

K&K built its reputation working with designers and knows how to offer the ideal customer experience.  In addition, by focusing on operations and efficiency, K&K can also work with Deliveright’s high volume, E-commerce accounts.

K&K has started using Grasshopper for all of our receiving and delivery needs.  Our customers love it because they can go online 24/7 and see exactly what we have received in real time.  This has cut down on our phone calls to the office from customers inquiring if their merchandise has arrived.” – Steve Katz, President of K&K Transfer

Whether you are a delivery company that wants to take your operation to the next level, like K&K, or an E-commerce retailer that needs help with logistics and/or deliveries, contact us today to see our technology in action!


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