Service Level Agreement

1. Services​. Deliveright agrees to transport Shipper’s merchandise from/to origins/destinations in its service territory (Zip Codes previously provided) (the “Services”) and in accordance with the service requirements set forth in Schedule A.

2. Term​. This Agreement shall become effective as of the Date signed below, and shall continue in effect until terminated by either Party. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other Party at least ten (10) days’ prior written notice of its intent to terminate.

3. Rates, Charges, and Rules​. As compensation for its services, Shipper shall pay Deliveright a fee based on the rates, charges and/or tariffs previously provided. Any adjustments to the rates, charges or rules shall be accomplished only by the written agreement of the Parties.

4. Ferry Service and Remote Areas. For any deliveries in which a ferry is required, the shipment will be subject to an upcharge equivalent to the ferry ticket amount. For locations deemed to be remote areas for Deliveright, a separate quote will be requested.

5. Insurance. Deliveright will provide a base level of insurance coverage that is determined based on the details of the order, including weight, item value, and item damage rate. This base level is provided to Shipper upon booking the order. In the event of any damage or loss claims on an order, Deliveright will only be liable for costs up to the level of insurance coverage on the order. If Shipper would like to purchase a higher level of insurance coverage on an order, Shipper can do so when booking the order, up to a maximum coverage amount of $5,000 per order. Deliveright will not insure any order for more than $5,000. Any liability by Deliveright is still subject to the claims process and Deliveright’s approval of Shipper’s claim. All claims will be paid in the amount of the wholesale, not retail, value of any replacement items.

6. Payment​. Payment terms will be net fifteen (15) from the date a delivery confirmation is sent to Shipper. Shipper shall be liable to Deliveright for all charges arising out of the Services provided by Deliveright unless the Parties expressly agree otherwise in writing.

7. Non-­Exclusive Agreement.​ The Parties acknowledge and agree that this is a non-­exclusive Agreement, that Deliveright shall be free to both accept freight for transportation from shippers other than Shipper and commingle Shipper’s freight with any such freight of any other shipper, and that Shipper shall be free to tender freight for transportation to carriers other than Deliveright.

8. Loss and Damage to Freight. ​Deliveright shall be liable as a motor carrier pursuant to 49 U.S.C. §14706 for and shall be responsible to Shipper for loss or damage that occurs during transport and delivery of products transported under this agreement, except for said loss or damage arising under the conditions of force majeure or caused by any of the exceptions as set forth in the Receiving Guidelines (Schedule B). Deliveright’s liability will commence when Deliveright takes physical possession and control of merchandise and will end when Shipper and/or Consignee sign the delivery receipt without notation of damage. In the event of any loss or damage, Shipper will file claims for such loss or damage against Deliveright. Claims for damage will not be accepted for any items made of fragile materials, including but not limited to glass, mirrors, marble, ceramic, or tile, or for carpets and/or rugs. It will be the responsibility of Deliveright to investigate and settle all claims with Shipper within 30 days from date the claim was filed. Shipper will make every effort to file claims with Deliveright within five (5) days of delivery, or in the case of loss or non-delivery, five (5) days from the date on which Shipper is notified of such loss. To the extent Deliveright is responsible for any damage, Shipper will not be charged for any freight or home delivery fees for replacement merchandise. In addition, if Deliveright is responsible for damage to an order and attempts to fix that damage, but the customer refuses to accept the repaired item(s), Deliveright shall be responsible for approving the claim for the replacement item (wholesale value not to exceed the insurance amount, wholesale invoice must be submitted). In the event that there is damage to the delivery recipient’s home, the delivery recipient and/or the Shipper will make every effort to file claims Deliveright within five (5) days of delivery all damages/homes damages must be reported to Deliveright within 24 hours .Notwithstanding the above, Deliveright’s liability on any one order will not exceed $5,000.

9. Refusal of Shipment​. In the event of refusal of a shipment by a consignee or in the event that Deliveright, for any reason, is unable to deliver a shipment, Deliveright shall notify Shipper promptly. Deliveright may be required to hold merchandise at its location free of charge during any claims investigation. Once adjudicated, Deliveright will hold merchandise free of charge for a period of up to twenty one (21) days to allow for recovery by claimed LTL carrier or return disposition.

10. Storage Policy. Deliveright offers thirty (30) days of free storage. This free storage period begins when the piece arrives in one of Deliveright’s locations and is ready to be scheduled for delivery. If an order is stored in one of Deliveright’s locations for more than thirty (30) days due to no fault of Deliveright, Shipper will incur a charge per item being stored. This fee is applied again with every thirty (30) day increment that the order is stored. For example, if an order is at one of Deliveright’s locations for ninety (90) days, the charge will be applied two times. The full monthly charge is applied at the beginning of every new thirty-day period, so an order stored for thirty-one days is subject to the same charge as an order stored for fifty-nine days. Deliveright will work with Shipper to remove any aging merchandise from Deliveright’s locations, whether through donation or disposal. Deliveright will not dispose of any merchandise belonging to Shipper without Shipper’s approval. Shipper will be subject to a fee for Deliveright coordinating the disposal or donation process.

11. Confidentiality​. Neither Shipper nor Deliveright shall disclose any information regarding this Agreement or Schedules hereto, except as specifically authorized by the other Party in writing.


  1. Deliveright’s operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM. Deliveright’s receiving hours, when Deliveright can receive shipments at its locations, are Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 3 PM.
  2. Depending on the season, Deliveright will make deliveries on Saturdays. However, Deliveright does not commit to delivering on a Saturday in every instance.
  3. Deliveright will provide a tracking link for every delivery processed for Shipper.
  4. Information available to Shipper will include when items are received by Deliveright, when deliveries are scheduled, when deliveries occur and any exceptions for damage or customer refusal. Proof of Delivery will include items delivered, image of customer’s signature accepting merchandise and stating that no home/property damage has occurred and photo(s) of items in the customer’s home (unless customer objects to photos being taken).
  5. All Inbound Freight will be inspected in accordance with Receiving Guidelines below. If there is damage to any merchandise, Deliveright will wait for disposition from Shipper prior to contacting the customer.
  6. Customers will be contacted to schedule delivery once items are received at our cross dock facility (typically same day or next day). An automated call is placed to the customer as soon as the order is scanned into our system.
  7. Once scheduled, we will contact customers by an automated phone call, text message, or email 24-48 hours before the delivery in order to provide a three-hour window. We will try to accommodate customers’ requests on timing but there are no guarantees.
  8. All customers will receive an automated call or text message 30 minutes prior to delivery.
  9. For carpet deliveries, unpacking and laying down is included in the price as long as the area where the rug is being laid is clear of furniture. Two-man delivery along with removal of packaging is included. The carpet should be cut to size before arriving at Deliveright.
  10. Any single piece above 300 lbs. will incur an additional $120 charge to cover the additional labor required to install the piece into the home.
  11. Upon completion of delivery or an exception due to the customer rejecting the order, email addresses provided by Shipper will be sent either a delivery confirmation or notice of an exception.
  12. Upon completion of delivery, customers are sent a text message survey to review Deliveright’s performance. The results of these surveys will be available to Shipper in real time through the shipper dashboard account.


As mentioned above, all incoming merchandise will be inspected according to the following procedures:


All items will be visually inspected for possible product damage. A visual inspection does not require opening packages to inspect the contents unless the packaging appears to be compromised.

  1. Compromised Packaging consists of any of: i) torn, ripped, or holes found in exterior packaging; ii) crushed packaging, crushed corners; iii) water stained or wet packaging; or iv) lack of packaging (exposing product).
  2. Upon discovery of Compromised Packaging or a lack of packaging, we will further examine for Visible Product Damage. If Visible Product Damage is found, the damaged item(s) will be refused. Visible Product Damage is comprised of any of the following: i) exposed/damaged product due to compromised packaging; ii) crushed packaging that has compromised the contents; iii) water damage to product; iv) torn fabric or other product materials; v) scratched wood, metal, or other product materials; vi) dented product; vii) dirt or grease stained product; viii) shattered glass, mirror, other product materials / contents; ix) broken pieces; or x) chipped surfaces.


If freight has Clean Packaging or Compromised Packaging, with no Visible Product Damage identified, we will receive freight in. If Visible Product Damage has been identified, we will refuse the damaged freight and update the tracking information with the relevant data.

Once freight is either Accepted or Refused, Deliveright will update the Shipper’s tracking information promptly.

Shipper will be notified of any items needing repair beyond what is considered to be standard deluxing before the repairs commence.


As long as the guidelines above are followed, Deliveright will not be held liable for Concealed Damage, which is defined as:

  1. Any damage that is reported after a clear Proof of Delivery is executed; and
  2. Any reported product damage where no report was made that packaging was received in poor condition, and no Visible Product Damage was observed during inspection.